Skyclad Revival

by Preston Clark Edmands

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The self-financed, first EP by Preston Clark Edmands


released 13 March 2012
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Chris Slaughter and Preston Clark Edmands at Slaughterhaus Recording.
Mastered by Thomas Van der Brook at Tonehaus.
Cover photograph by Mona Pitts. Sleeve by Preston Clark Edmands.
Inside photograph by Todd V Wolfson.

Spencer Garretson on drums.
Joey Bonatakis played bass on “Skyclad Revival” and “Black Diamond Girls.”
Tom Benton played upright on “Caravan” and “Big Brown Bottle.”
Lisa Schneider played fiddle on “Caravan.”
John Leon played pedal steel on “Skyclad Revival.”
Backing Vocals: Molly Cook, Kacy Todd, Katie Butcher, and Joey Bontatakis.

All songs by Preston Clark Edmands.
© 2012.



all rights reserved


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Preston Clark Edmands Austin, Texas

Originally from Maine, Preston Clark Edmands moved from NYC to Austin in 2008. Billboard Magazine describes his sound as "heartfelt delivery with excellent vocal harmonies and tonal quality. Edmands' music has a classic vibe to it."

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Track Name: Skyclad Revival
My heart's the river, wide and strong.
My mind's the purple sky at dawn.
My body's what we're walking on.

And we're nearing the clearing soon.

Work the soil of the land.
Clutch the dirt as best you can.
See the earth fall through your hands.

And reviving a thriving kind of reverence.

Rolling shoulders over hills.
Giving breath to arctic chills.
Building with the bricks of will.

And reviving a thriving kind of reverence for common sense.
Track Name: Caravan
Days were bright, breeze was low,
and the bonnets bloomed
and, like us, were doomed
to wilt and wither.

Clouds rolled in with a wind
and a full assault,
so it ain't our fault,
we can blame the weather.

Cold, hard rain on a simmering plain,
where'd all the sunshine go?
Floods came, and washed it away
with all that I'd come to know.

Our caravan strayed from the plan
and a two horse cart
took half my heart
'cross trails and pathways

The life I left ain't the same one to be found
At the border camps, where fate has us both bound
in a caravan.
Track Name: Big Brown Bottle
In a town, with its crowded barrooms,
time will always pass.
Slow it down with a big, brown bottle.
Come around and have a glass.

The mood is only an echo of a long gone song.
Let it pour you another brimming shot to go on.

Bring it down to a quiet whisper,
let's all raise a toast.
Say it loud, say it with a thick slur,
that's the sound I love the most.

There are wood ships, they're good ships, but they can list and leak and sink at sea.
All ya got then's the friendship of fate and destiny,
so be good company and drink with me.
Track Name: Black Diamond Girls
Black diamond girls you know I can easily pass through glades
when trails are packed with ice, when I'm greeted by a bluebird day.
So high above the snow, carry me, cabriolet.
The peak will be the place where I fall on my knees and say

(Don't be worried)
It's okay
(Won't you hurry)
I'll reach the base.

Black diamond girls you'll see your nordic touch can't replace
The feeling one receives when the frozen air's on their face
I'll never stop gliding on an even grade
Your curves, your slopes, you're my own to tackle with poles and blades.